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How To Upcycle Your Rakhis


You all have shown so much love for this years rakhis and I’m about to give you one more reason to love these rakhis even more!  When designing these rhakis my focus was not only to make them look simple and elegant but also to find a way to upcycle them.   This led me to thinking how I could possibly do that.  Well just around the time of designing my rakhis, I came across Mitesh Trambadia, who some of you may know from @desimeetsdesign.  For those of you who don’t know Mitesh, he is a Physician by day and a home and design enthusiast in his free time. 

So, without further delays let us show you how to upcycle your rakhis this year after you’ve celebrated Raksha Bandhan.

Here’s what you’ll need :
1. Rakhi
2. Beads
3. Fish Hook or Key Ring
4. Embroidery Floss

Rakhi Upcycle Resources

Follow These Steps

Take a 12″ piece of embroidery floss and fold it in half.  Take the folded loop and sieve through the fish hook hole or over a key ring.  Pull the other end through the loop and pull to secure the floss into place as shown in the below images. 

Place a needle through the end of the floss. Start adding beads of your choice.  Add the rakhi after a few beads.  For the Rakhi thread the floss from top to bottom through the first hole and back out through the second hole.  Continue adding more beads.

When you’ve added the desired number of beads, make a knot with the two ends.  Take another piece of floss and wrap around a credit card or something similar 20 times.  Pull off the card and place horizontally between the two hanging ends of the floss on the key chains.  Tie knot securing the floss for the tassel in place.  Take another piece of floss and tie around the tassel about a half inch down from the top.  Pull all the floss for the tassel down and trim to your desirable size. 

And you are done!!! Below is what our finished product looks like.

Use this as a key chain, zipper pull charm, purse charm or anything else you can think of! Get creative!

We’d love to see your upcycled rakhis so be sure to share them with us! Tag us on instagram (@creativecraftymom @desimeetsdesign) or email us with your pictures!

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