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How to Build Your Ganesha


One of my most asked questions is “how do I order (fill in the product)”. Well, today I’m going to tackle the details of one of my (and your) favorite products in the Creative Crafty Mom shop: Ganeshas! My Ganesha designs have grown and expanded over the past few years I thought now would be a great time to walk you through the various styles I offer, the sizes available, and how to order!

First, let’s talk STYLE.
The Ganesha comes in 3 beautiful styles, each with their own unique set of options for you to customize. One thing to note – the Om and Traditional 16×24 and Large Format 2’x3’ (currently the waitlist is full for this size) are the only options you can add lights (more on this later).

To recap: step 1 is to decide what Style of Ganesha you want

Next, let’s talk about SIZE:
As you can see from above each Style has its own set of Sizes. For example, the modern Ganesha is the only style I offer in the compact 8.5×11. Due to the intricacies of the Om and Traditional styles I simply cannot offer them in such a small style.
Right now the Modern Style is not offered in any of the larger sizes, but I am looking into expanding the sizes so stay tuned for that later this year (2022).

As mentioned above, at this time large format 24”x26” (or 2’x3’) Om and Traditional Ganesha’s are on a waitlist. And at this time that waitlist is FULL. I should be able to open the waitlist again by end of this year (2022). Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as they will be the first to hear when the Large Format 24×36 Ganesha’s are available again.
To recap: step 2 is to decide what size you want

Once you have made these two decisions you can navigate to the Ganesha product of your choice. And here’s where it gets fun! Within the product page, you have multiple options to build your own Ganesha. Let’s walk through these…

Let’s talk THREAD
There are multiple thread options depending on the Ganesha you choose! A simple way to think about this is I can do 1 Fill Color, I can do 1 Fill Color + Edge (using a different colored string for the edge of the design), for the Om I can do a 2 Fill Colors + Edge, and there are various Multi-Colored options depending on your Ganesha Style (all shown within each product).

Now for some people, this feels like creative freedom (I can’t wait to see what you come up with) but for others, it feels like analysis paralysis (not fun). So to make it easy, within each product you’ll find examples of the most popular Ganesha color combinations that walk you through what to select. In future blog posts I may even do a post specifically dedicated to the most popular Ganesha styles!
To recap: step 3 is to select your Thread colors

All three Ganesha styles are offered in a variety of finishes. Within each Ganesha product, you will find a handy image that shows you each stain coloring so you can decide which one best compliments your Ganesha design and thread selections.

To recap: step 4 is to select your wood Finish

To complete your design some Styles have LIGHTS
If you have chosen the Om or Traditional Ganesha in the 16”x24” size you have the option to add on lights! For this selection, I will layer lights underneath the thread so that you can turn on the light string and illuminate your beautiful design.
When the Large Format 2’x3’ Ganesha’s become available again you will also see that the string lights used has 16 different light colors you can control with the remote.

Step 5 is: select if you’d like to add-on Lights

And last but certainly not least you can decide if you’d like to add a QUOTE
Within this option, you can select “Om gan ganpataye namah” written in Hindi or “Welcome + The __ Family”. This option does add an additional $20 to the order but the end result is worth every dime if that’s the look you’re going for. Check them out!

Step 6 is your final step: select if you’d like to add a Quote

Let’s go over those steps one more time:

  1. Figure out your STYLE
  2. Choose your SIZE (if multiple are available)
  3. PIck your THREAD colors
  4. Choose your WOOD FINISH
  5. Determine if you’d like LIGHTS (16×24 and larger only)
  6. Decide if you’d like a QUOTE (16×24 and larger only)

And there you have it! You have built your own CUSTOM GANESHA!

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